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What We Do?

We have a database of professional people who are specialized in various fields, obtained through sources such as social networks, groups of people, social gatherings, different job portals, etc. We have capacity to find all the necessary documents (CVS/ Certificates, passport copies etc…) for the recruitment job orders and will pre-screen and interview the candidates.
We will Recruiting the candidates who are qualified, fit and healthy to the work. If Recruited staff is not qualified, or not fit for the job, or not willing to work, then we will take the responsibility for the employee during the probation period.

After getting the documents of the candidate, We will send them to the Agency or Employer for their interviewing processes and for selection, on request if necessary. Upon completion of the selection processes, agency or employer issuing a Letter of Appointment on the name of the selected candidate. After receiving the employment offer letter from the Agency or Employer, We will resend to back to the agency or employer with the signature of the candidate’s on it if he/she accepts. the offer prior to applying for the Employment Approval (work visa).

We’ll recruiting the expatriate staffs, within 10 – 15 days from the date of receiving the work permits. you’ll Receive the candidate from the airport upon their arrival and drop them at the accommodation point And the medical is done within 24hrs at Your own cost.

Before arrival of the candidate you’ll be arrange their accommodation and food on your expense.

What we offer

Our Services is Development cooperation requires customized inclusive solutions. Brigate International is committed to implement projects, provide advisory services, and practical hands-on training. We also engage in applied research via Our Services.


As an expert organisation, Brigate International ensures high quality project work on-site for private sector development. Professionalized Recruitments and Overall process of Skills Selection, Attracting, Shortlisting and Appointing Suitable Candidates for Jobs.


Brigate International offers customized consultancy and capacity development services. With our team of experts, we provide thematic guidance as well as strategic support across the project cycle and in team and organizational development.


Brigate International is a staffing agency in Bangladesh.

We offering consultancy service in the following diversified sectors:

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