Why Choose Us

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Why choose us

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Approachable, knowledgeable and friendly, we have built our reputation as a leading specialist recruitment agency in Bangladesh based on the success of our long-term client relationships.

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The key for us number one has always been hiring very smart people Bill Gates

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These old fashioned relationships based on trust and transparency play a big part in the way we work. Our proven track record in delivering high quality candidates coupled with guaranteed service levels means you can trust that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

As a prospective client we will visit your premises so we can thoroughly understand how your business operates and accurately analyse your needs. All our candidates are also interviewed in person as soon as they register with us. This allows us to match the perfect candidates to your vacancies and add value at every stage of the recruitment process.

You can be fully assured we are focused on long-term results and do not cut corners. We will never waste your time by sending you unsuitable CVs or candidates.

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10 reasons to choose Focused Recruitment

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  1. Tailored recruitment service which is fully traceable and guaranteed to meet your specific needs – regardless of how small or demanding they may be.
  2. Efficient, -driven processes and procedures which are mutually agreed and regularly reviewed for a smooth, productive recruitment service that meets, if not exceeds, your expectations.
  3. Fully screened, trained and inducted candidates so you can be free to focus on running your business.
  4. Partnership approach guided by trust, transparency, respect and performance to ensure we add maximum value over the long-term by fully understanding your business.
  5. Market leading recruitment and data management software to support us in consistently, efficiently and accurately matching candidates to vacancies.
  6. Responsive and quick to react to your requests so you’re never left waiting.
  7. Communication throughout the entire recruitment process from your dedicated consultant so you always know what’s happening, with the level of communication you require.
  8. Equal importance placed on candidates and clients because we know both parts of the puzzle have to fit.
  9. Proven track record with long-term high and low volume client accounts.
  10. Competitive and cost-effective to help you reduce your recruitment costs and maximise the return on your investment in people.

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Speak to an experienced recruitment consultant today

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Whether you would like to arrange a confidential meeting or have a vacancy you would like us to fill, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Call us on 008801711521691 or use the form on our contact us page.