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We have a database of professional people who are specialized in various fields, obtained through sources such as social networks, groups of people, social gatherings, different job portals, etc.

The agency have capacity to find all the necessary documents (CVS/ Certificates, passport copies etc…) for the recruitment job orders and will pre-screen and interview the candidates. 

After getting the documents the agency will send them to the employer for their interviewing process & for selection, on request if necessary.

After receiving the employment offer letter from the employer, the agency or the employer will make work permit and agency will send employment offer letter to the expatriate staffs for their signature.

The Agency will recruit the expatriate staffs, within 10 – 15 days from the date of receiving the work permits.

The agency will recruit the candidates who are qualified, fit and healthy to work. If recruited staff is not qualified, or not fit for the job, or not willing to work, then the agency will take a responsibility for the employee during the probation period. 

Upon completion of the selection process, employer issues a Letter of Appointment on the name of that candidate. We then get the candidate’s signature on it if he/she accepts the offer prior to applying for the Employment Approval (work visa).

Before the arrival of the candidate we arrange their accommodation and food on our expense. And the medical is done within 24hrs before handing over to the employer.

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